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Adam Marcus Hendry

Adam Marcus Hendry and Tzadik Management Provide Essential Services During the Corona Pandemic

Adam Marcus Hendry and the team at Tzadik Management provide essential services during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tzadik Management has been developing communities across the country since before the 2008 recession. Tzadik Management’s Adam Marcus Hendry explains that the company’s major focus is to create communities that are ideal for citizens, with the perfect combination of life, work, and play. However, during the Coronavirus pandemic, Mr. Hendry and Tzadik Management have taken a shift in priorities.

Adam Marcus Hendry

“Right now, we’re focused on keeping our residents informed and aware,” Adam Marcus Hendry says. “We’re also offering activities for residents and are actually hiring new employees to aid our resident communities. We refuse to let our Core Values slide.”

Adam Marcus Hendry explains that Tzadik Management has been keeping 100% of the staff physically on-site to help in case of emergencies and is even providing new employment opportunities in all regions. The company’s corporate site in Miami is also still showing up to work, helping set the example for teams onsite. However, Mr. Hendry says the company has had to implement a number of social and sanitation measures to remain open during these times.

“We want our residents to feel safe communicating with us whenever needed. That’s why we always keep at least 6 feet of distance between every person, are constantly sanitizing, and are offering a number of virtual communication options, so residents never have to feel at-risk,” Adam Marcus Hendry says. These distancing measures extend to prospects as well, with the company not shying away from physical tours.

Tzadik Management | Adam Marcus Hendry

Tzadik Management’s ability to accommodate residents without adequate technology is evident by their door-knocking procedures. “Our team knocks on doors, while maintaining adequate social distance, to check on residents and provide services such as rent collection and work orders that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to convey,” says Adam Marcus Hendry.

The management company provides all of its office visitors with sanitizer and masks. It is also providing a number of virtual events for its residents in an effort to keep them entertained, safe, and communicating throughout the pandemic. Adam Marcus Hendry and his team have created a virtual movie night, Facebook group chats, and a number of other social distancing events to keep people engaged and involved in their communities.

Adam Marcus Hendry and Tzadik Management have been praised for their Core Values, and during the pandemic, these values are being shown more than ever. Mr. Hendry has even provided a small internal Tzadik stimulus “Hero Pay” to help his employees during the financial difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company’s Core Values include Building Lasting Relationships, Never Stop Growing, Keeping Each Other Informed, Succeeding Together, Being Financially Responsible, and Making It Happen at all times. The company has kept these values at the forefront throughout the pandemic, and Adam Marcus Hendry states that they’ll continue to do so.

“We encourage our residents to contact us whenever they have concerns because we will always do our best to help,” Mr. Hendry concludes. “We’re all in this together, and at Tzadik Management, we refuse to leave anyone in the dark.”

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